Georgia State Committees

2018 STATE COMMITTEES – Women’s Council of REALTORS®

Executive Committee

President: Monica Spillane Cerrone
President-Elect: Tammy Noll
Treasurer: Harrice Moore
Secretary: Penny Rafferty
Governor: Veronica Bangsboll
Governor: Kathy Haddock
Chair of the Finance and Budget: Denise Quinlan
Chair of the Membership: Shavon Echols

Standing Committees

Bylaws and Standing Rules
Chair: Penny Rafferty
Vice Chair: Velore Brown
Liaison: Monica Spillane Cerrone
Members: Faith Reid, Bill Braswell

Education and Programs
Chair: Laura Leiden
Vice Chair: Ming Richardson
Liaison: Tammy Noll

Finance and Budget
Chair: Denise Quinlan
Vice Chair- Carole Hodge
Liaison: Harrice Moore

Chair: Shavon Echols
Vice Chair: Stephan Curcio
Liaison: Monica Spillane Cerrone

Chair: Charlene Faucett

State Leadership Identification & Development (formerly National Focus)
Chair: Deborah Gilmore
Vice Chair: Jo Kenney
Liaison: Monica Spillane Cerrone
Members: Kathy Haddock, Veronica Bangsboll

Strategic Planning
Chair: Tammy Noll
Vice Chair:
Liaison: Monica Spillane Cerrone
Members: Charlene Faucett
Monica Spillane Cerrone
Veronica Bangsboll
Kathy Haddock
Shavon Echols
Harrice Moore
Penny Rafferty
Faith Reid

Special Committees

Chair: Mary Jane McDaniel

Chair: Joyce Turner
Vice Chair: Rosemary Griffin
Liaison: Monica Spillane Cerrone

Event Coordination
Chair: Jennifer Varnedoe
Liaison: Tammy Noll

Chair: Mackenzie Luke
Vice Chair: Dedra Stafford
Liaison: Tammy Noll
Members: Denise Quinlan

Non-Dues Revenue
Co-Chair: Deena Camacho
Co-Chair Christy Barnard
Vice Chair: Christy Barnard
Liaison: Harrice Moore

Chair: Barbara Campbell

Strategic Partnerships
Co-Chair: Jim Chancellor
Co-Chair: Tammy Noll
Liaison: Denise Quinlan
Members: Monica Spillane Cerrone
Shavon Echols
Harrice Moore
Penny Rafferty
Kathy Haddock
Veronica Bangsboll
Charlene Faucett

Young Professionals Network (YPN)
Chair: Wendy Tisdale Griffin
Vice Chair: Fallon Thomas
Liaison: Tammy Noll

2018 Local Network Presidents

Atlanta: Norm Kennedy
Athens: Kay Norris
Coweta: Karen Kurtz
DeKalb: Kristy Pennington
Fayette: Haley Hirsch
Gwinnett: Gretchen Ozburn
Metro South: Shannon Watkins
North Metro: Lanessa Pettigrew
Savannah: Joyce Jarrell

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